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Alejandro & Romina


Hi guys. My name is Romina.


I was born and raised in the amazing Mexico city where I studied a career in Film & Television. I‘m currently making my first documentary about the gray whales.


I have always been attracted to the sea and it’s fauna that’s one of the reasons I decided to move to Los Cabos, Mexico to be closer to the ocean in a peaceful place which has a high quality of life.


My favorite hobbies are drawing, painting, listening to music and singing. I have more than 12 years of experience doing photography, videos for musical festivals, film events, commercial corporate, food & beverages, sports, fashion, women retreats, family shots and more.


In the recent years my focus has been on Weddings, since I enjoy the high energy and happiness of this special celebration of love. I enjoy this type of events in which all the family and friends engaged with the couple. I really like the positive vibes of the Wedding Celebrations.


My specialty is capturing candid moments, due to my experience in filming, I love producing any kind of scenes that comes to my mind and creativity. Expect that I will ask you to perform a couple of poses and movements to make the final results even better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I can’t wait to meet with you!




Hello, my name is Alejandro Cabrera, I will be honored to meet with you.


I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, home of the Mexican mariachi and tequila, I was raised in Ensenada, known for its wine country and outstanding food. I’m grateful for have been living in Los Cabos paradise for 8 years.


I have the experience of have been worked 10 years in hotels and resorts. After hurricane Odile, I decided to begin a fresh start. Life is so full of surprises, and one of those was when I met beautiful Romina, who kindly allow me to work with her. Since then, now we have became the best friends we never imagine to be.


I have been doing photography for 14 years. Until I started working at Celestus Weddings, 5 years ago, I officially became a professional photographer. Eventually, I got my first drone which gave me the curiosity to create my first video.


Creating video is a more complex work to me. With the right music and sound effects, the profoundness of storytelling I can achieve in the final results, is something worth every second of my time.


When I create a wedding film, I expect to make my clients feel over and over again the sweetest of emotions felt during their wedding day, and I hope I can make yours something worth keeping for the rest of your life.